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iWRAP Portfolio Management Policies

Portfolio Management Policies are designed to facilitate flexible, long-term investment of assets in a tax efficient manner.

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ORSO - Occupational Retirement Scheme Ordinance

A regulated pension scheme that makes it possible for individuals to establish a pension plan that has significant positive tax implications while allowing discretion to choose from a nearly unfettered class and location of investments.

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The Universal Savings Plan (USP) Policy

USP Policies are designed for a disciplined and structured financial planning and savings approach to building personal wealth.

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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Protects companies and individuals who work in high-risk areas or hold or have access to valuable information.

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Asset Protection Insurance (API™)

Protects against attack of one’s assets and insures them in the event of a successful attack.

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Credit Insurance

Protects a seller of goods or services against bad debts arising from bankruptcy, insolvency or any measure of not being paid.

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Political Risk Insurance

Protects overseas assets, foreign investments and international contracts from unforeseen political events or actions by Governments.

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