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iWRAP Personal

Introducing a PPB that is Truly Flexible.

The iWRAP Personal Portfolio Management Policy has been developed to address the key issues associated with managing a diversified investment portfolio through traditional offshore insurance bonds. This Portfolio Management Policy requires 10% of the investment to be held as a cash component allowing clients to invest the remaining 90% in accordance with their investment objectives. A Financial Advisor may be appointed to manage all or part of the Investment Account. In the case where a Financial Advisor is appointed, they will be responsible for the research, recommendation and buying/selling of investments. Policyholders may redeem investments and withdraw policy assets subject to applicable early redemption fees. Investment holdings may be transferred in or out by “in specie” transfer.

iWRAP Products are not available in all jurisdictions and can only be sold by a Financial Advisor. ASEA and its Providers do not provide any investment advice. You and your Financial Advisor are responsible for all investment decisions. Please consult your Financial Advisor to determine if this product is suitable to you and to fully understand the terms and conditions of this investment.

Acceptable Investments

Unlike traditional products, iWRAP Personal allows access to Funds, Structured Notes and virtually any of the investments quoted on the world’s leading stock exchanges.

As a “rule of thumb”, if you can buy it directly, then you can buy, hold and sell it through iWRAP Personal.

Minimum Policy Investment

Currency Minimum Amount
USD $50,000
GBP £30,000
EUR €40,000
JPY ¥6,500,000
AUD $50,000
CAD $50,000
CHF ₣50,000

For more detailed information, please contact your Financial Advisor. Don't have a Financial Advisor? Contact ASEA.

ASEA makes no determination of tax treatment for Portfolio Management Policies. Treatment will be determined based on the tax law of the Policyholders’ country of residence. Clients should seek tax and other advice in their jurisdiction before investing. The information presented is provided as an overview of the iWRAP Portfolio Management Policies only. For detailed information as to the specifics of the iWRAP Portfolio Management Policies, please contact your Financial Advisor. Please read the policy terms and conditions and policy details booklet available through your Financial Advisor for full details prior to investing. Conditions apply to the waiver of fees.

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